Monday, October 31, 2011

Fever Dreams - Episode 8: Fully Grown Babies

This is the last episode of Fever Dreams, which screened on Channel 31 as part of Lost Dog TV! Look out next week for our new show... Gav's Garden!

EPISODE 8 - Fully Grown Babies

directed and edited by Dave Jackson

written and produced by Dave Jackson and P. Lloga

art direction P. Lloga

cinematography Dave Jackson

sound recording Ben Usher, P. Lloga

 costumes Taena Hoshi

James Arnold-Garvey
Brok Power

also featuring...
Joe Coen
Michael De Robbio
P. Lloga

"Fever Dreams Theme"
composed and performed by Glen Lloyd 

composed by 松永天馬
performed by Urbangarde アーバンギャルド

"Deviance Perfected"
composed by Steve Steinberg
performed by A Sin Within

composed by マリアンヌ東雲
performed by Kinoco Hotel キノコホテル

Dedicated to John Waters
(our favourite bad influence) 

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